This project was performed for the company Etteplan Engineering.

Development of a bus system based on CAN with its own protocol. The following tasks, amongst others, were carried out for this project:

1-Conceptualisation of the bus and the protocol (on the hardware and software levels).

2-Creation of a schedule of conditions and a specifications document.
3-Implementation on hardware and software level of the bus system in all the electronic modules of the manufacturer in Spain for automation of buildings. Selection of electronic components and checking diagrams.

Programming of diverse microcontrollers.

5-Implementation, amongst others, of the following properties: supervision and control of actuators and sensors. Modification, suppression and reading of the firmware for all the modules. Configuring the modules through the bus.
6-Development of a system for supervision, control, programming and configuration based on a PC.

7-Development of an intelligent repeater (design of the hardware and development of the software).

8-Development of gateways (design of hardware and development of the software).

Development of control units for automation of buildings